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 1966 CORSA 140hp 3 speed
1966 Corsa Convertible 140hp 3 speed. 
In the original configuration, it's a low miles car that spent several years in IA before it went from a club member to AR then OK then back to Iowa.    It's nice to know much of the history on the car and the work that's been done.

The color, or lack thereof makes this a fine candidate to put any color I'd like, now that's the hard part, CHOOSING!   I went back and forth with Red, Lemonwood Yellow, Turquoise and even hugger orange!

I had wanted to step to a 66 Corsa Convertible next time I had the opportunity.   The last year of Corsa, we have the 65 Corsa coupe, so this is a nice addition to the collection.
Power top was another thing on my wish list. 

The 3 speed is original, as is the engine.  And YES the Corsa did come with a synchronized first for the 3 speed.  I like the way it drives out and don't want to change it to a 4 speed at all.  
A word about rust.  Rust never rests.   Back in the day, people just drove these cars, they were tools, point A to point B.   Rocker panels were designed to be put over the old ones, a temporary fix at best.  You never know what you're getting into with a 50 year old car that has had a little cosmetic work.  Could be simple as an Earl Sheib re paint, could be a smashed fender covered crudely with a new panel, if you don't have a sense of adventure, if you don't have a sense of humor, if you don't have the resources or finances, DON'T buy a vintage car, it will drive you bat shit crazy.