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  Our Mission
  Promote interest and appreciation for Corvairs.
  Many collectors today can't afford the muscle cars
(the gas or the purchase!)  or vintage cars where parts are unattainable.   Corvairs are still plentiful, parts are reasonable and most any back yard mechanic can learn enough to keep them running.  

   Most of all, these great looking cars with classic lines are a blast to drive.   Aluminum, flat 6 rear mounted engines are hard to beat in autocross situations, even unmodified.
We are not a business.  We find cars, put buyers and sellers together and sometimes, we part with a car in our collection.   Send us your wish list, we'll see what we can find, but we don't restore cars for hire, we can direct you to those who do.
 However, we do provide assistance, resources and will help you get your car back on the road. 
The page  "Corvairs we have known" showcases many of the cars we have helped back onto the road and into the hearts of new and old Corvair enthusiasts.
 We welcome you to the website!