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These are the cars we've been lucky enough to 
have some involvement with through the years    They all have great stories
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1965 Canadian built Corsa 140hp 4 speed 3.27.   Purchased in 2013, it is one of the sweetest cars we've ever owned.  One year color for Chevy, all it needed was some fresh paint to win senior division concours at convention 2017.   This car is like riding on rails, smooth and responsive.   Rob A has wanted it for 2 years before we could decide to let it go.  It has the BEST home ever and they enjoy it so very much. 
1966 Corsa  140hp 4 speed, power top.  A heartbreaker.  With 2 Corsa convertibles, I knew the day would come when I would have to part with one of them.   The only consolation is that it has the BEST home with Jack of Wisconsin.
1967 Monza 110hp power glide.  This was the real deal.  28k original miles, we met this car in 2009.  It took several years for the owner to decide to sell.  We wanted to do the car justice.  New fuel tank/lines, brakes, all systems were gone through.  To our delight the AM/FM radio works, the AC just needed to be charged.   We figure it was a specially ordered car.  Evidence of an old fender repair made us think that the car was hit, traded back to the dealer where it sat until 2022.    We finished the car and Barry from Louisiana was so happy when we agreed to let it go.  It made an appearance at it's first convention in Wisconsin Dells, 2023, shortly after Barry received the car!   Happy Endings, that's what it's all about
1961 Rampside.  This gem went to good friend Steve, locally.  It is an extremely clean truck, the 110hp engine is an actual FC replacement engine built in 1966, a "T" code.  That, with the 4 speed manual transmission, new clutch/pressure plate etc, it's a quick truck with plenty of power for the hills and the highway.  We rescued this truck locally and put it through a makeover and then drove it several hundred miles to insure that it was ready for the new owners.
Sold, the first day we advertised it.  1967, one family owner until 2021.  28k actual miles on a beautiful coupe.  Great couple from Nevada MO purchased it.  Looking forward to seeing it and them at future events. 
The 1963 rampside restored to 100% stock configuration found its new home locally with Curtis of Ozark MO.   After enjoying it for 4 years, it was time to let one go so we can restore the 4 others remaining in the collection.   We're confident we'll get to see it regularly!
1965 Evening orchid Corsa  140hp 4 speed
in a building since the 80s, this car needed some revival. 
Paint, interior and the undercarriage is simply beautiful.  One of the nicer rescues we've had.  However, on an early test drive, the top broke off a piston, requiring an engine rebuild.   No worries, got that done, put back together in time for Bill from the Seattle area to claim it as the "Corvair he's always wanted"   
1960 700 Sedan.  It arrived in 2013 with the collection from Maryland and was the last to leave in January of 2021.   Steve & Carrie are
proud owners of the funky little cruiser we dubbed the Princess due
to her Tiara (roof rack) and the fact that 60s are referred to as
"Cave Man" cars and this one is FAR too pretty to be a cave man.  
Happy Trails, we'll see it often as it sold about an hour from here and we'll enjoy having our new friends over to do our countryside cruises.
1966 Monza 140hp 4 speed
This one made it to the track in Hastings NE for the Corvair Track Classic.  A quick car, it was really fun racing it before we let it go.    Took this one in on a trade for the evening orchid convertible, so we knew it would be a short-timer here.   Eric, the new owner is a young Corvair owner that will really appreciate having such a quick and beautiful ride...that he doesn't have to fully restore or make it run well.  Happy trails!
1966 Monza 110hp powerglide
A beautiful car from the Southwest. 
Came to us with a few gremlins that were worked
out just in time for us to get an inquiry about
a NICE convertible for sale. 
Mary & Allen have been looking for a convertible after not having one in the family for years.  When it's completely ready to go, they'll be getting it before 2020 is over

1963 Monza  102hp 4 speed
Air conditioned, tinted windows, this is a true survivor 39k original miles.  Perfect interior, carpet.  The dash and details are absolutely perfect.  Some touch up has been done to the paint.   Glad that a friend has purchased it and will enjoy driving it in Florida.
1963 rampside  80hp 3 speed.   AKA:  Tigger...
because the shocks were so bad when we got it.    Sold to Chris Shade at Shade's Classic Corvairs.    A situation where there were a few too many in the collection and it's ok to let a good one go!   Happy Trails Tigger
1965 Monza Convertible 110hp powerglide
Right here local, this car had been languishing in a garage, unappreciated.    Interior was kinda baked, it hadn't run for awhile.  It didn't take too long to get it running nicely. 
Chris Shade of Shade's Classic Corvairs added it to their inventory.  Sure looks good on his showroom floor!
1967 Monza 110hp powerglide. 
This was an October 2019 rescue.  Had not been on the road in a number of  years.  A clean, straight body, original color scheme of black and gold, it's a great foundation for a cosmetic makeover.

1966 4 door hardtop.  110hp powerglide
Dan and Deb are enjoying this car immensely.  Nothing to say except that it's an exceptionally clean car, great running and driving Corvair.  Happy Trails!
1961 Rampside truck.  80hp 4 speed.  To friend Bryan for the driver truck he's been looking for.  An engine rebuild, some tweaks, but driving it as is for the foreseeable future.  One happy rampy owner
1964 Monza 4 speed...Paxton Supercharged!   This one went to friend Jerry in South Carolina.   A quick little car!
1963 Greenbrier 140hp Powerglide automatic.   Patina is really nice, never has had a restoration.  Went to WI to Roger who is delighted to have another powerglide van to enjoy.  One that isn't "Too Pretty"
To the East Coast goes this beautiful 1965 Monza.  140hp pg, wood wheel, telescoping steering column, AC car with a power top.   Quite a list of options along with a nice restoration.   Happy trails!
This one didn't stay long.  Evening orchid convertibles are kind of high demand Corvairs.
1962 Corvair 95 Rampside truck  80hp powerglide automatic
we didn't know you long.  Shortly after we moved to MO we were
contacted to buy this truck from the original owner's family.
Not having room, his initial price was high, we waited.   2018, we had
the chance to go see it and bought it.  Very nice truck, needed
work from sitting around so long.  Friend, Greg saw it and within
48 hours of buying it, the truck was off to Wichita!
1965 Monza 110hp 4 speed.   Nice little car, we traded it for flooring work to Jeff & Sarah
1964 Monza.  Put together in the 80s, it was the pride and joy of Rich and Betty for many years.  Came the time to get out of old cars, we bought her and have enjoyed zipping around the country roads..a modified 102hp 4 speed, it had enough get up and go for cars with twice the power, I believe! 
Off to Australia, she'll live the good life down under!
1966 Corsa  Modified 140, built by Rob Bradley for the race track.  Probably the most fun car we've ever driven. 
Owner Eric Cooprider of Terre Haute, Indiana is a Corvair lover
whose dreams came true when he purchased this car.
At the Springfield IL convention of 2016, John gave Eric a ride in this car.   He didn't know, at the time that one day it would be his.
A happy Corvair owner indeed!
1965 Greenbrier van.  Off to Europe for this baby! 110hp PG, it's one of the nicest vans in the country...now in The Netherlands 
66 Monza Sedan 140hp 4 speed telescoping column, plastic wheel Rick, from Mt Vernon is delighted with the car, has already had it painted and a new interior.  
62 Monza wagon 102hp pg
Probably the nicest truck we'll ever own!  Sometimes, it's time to say goodbye so we can have a couple more to work on.  
                 1966 Corsa Convertible 140hp 4 speed.  
An awesome example of a well done Corsa.   Good and straight, great running engine, it's back in IA from where it came.  

 Happy Trails, wish I could have kept it..But I say that all the time! 

1978 GMC Royale
Featuring an Oldsmobile Toronado 455 drive train, the unique GMC Motor Coach is a great driving motorhome.  Scott and Syd of TX are taking this one to the NEXT LEVEL of excellence.  We sure hope we get to see them at a rally someday.
1963 Corvan 110hp 4 speed
We hardly knew thee

Bought it to put in the field as "yard art" but a young couple convinced us to sell it to them.
You might see it driving around Mt Vernon, MO as a HVAC van.  The two boys are enthusiastic young Corvair Fans!

1964 Monza 110hp 4 speed.    Probably the nicest of it's type to cross our path, the previous owner passed away and the family didn't care about the little car at all.    A few small maintenance issues and the thing it needed most was to be driven!    John in Chicago has his first Corvair after more than 30 years without!    
1963 Sedan 102 PG
A nice little ride.  Picked it up after a roundup when no one seemed interested in adopting the little car.   Lots of cleanup and adjustments, it's now with friends.
1962 Rampside truck 110hp 4 speed. This truck went to St Paul.  A great running truck out of Oklahoma.
1961 Rampside truck.   This one went to a good friend out East.   The truck matches her beloved EM coupe, the famous Ralphie Corvair!    Too many in the stable, when we found the yellow, something had to go bye bye!   just shuffling them around and keeping them on the road!
1962 Corvair 95 Rampside truck.  110hp powerglide automatic.  
Came out of the collection in Maryland, it was fully restored to stock.  Had some issues with not having been driven, but a really nice truck, overall.  Resides in North Dakota now, much loved by the new owner
Johnny from NY lost his beloved red convertible in a terrible accident.    I sold my favorite ride after I said I wouldn't.   But that's what the rescue team does!   Sometimes they go to new, loving homes.
   New top, body work, new paint, the car needed a new home, so we've helped Christian in Canada acquire this 65 for his lovely wife. 
 Happy trails!   Loved this car.  110 pg, power top, wood wheel, telescoping column, great runner.

Another really cool car from friend Dan.   Pete and Sarah are the new owners of this 1969 95hp 4 speed.   A zippy ride, it was freshened by Jim Rodamaker with new paint.   New wheels and tires really give this car the WOW factor.
Gorgeous 1964 Spyder, this was the real deal.   Newbie to the Corvair world, Scott from OK is enjoying our friend's head turning ride.   I was thrilled to get to drive this one for a time as a daily driver.   Another great Corvair from Dan.  He has very good taste in Vairs!
1964 Monza convertible 110hp 4 speed, power top.  Gorgeous dark green, not black with tawny interior, it's a gorgeous car.   Central NE was where the new owner took it
1962 Monza wagon.  80hp powerglide automatic.   Nice little car, we did some trading to get it and some trading for another Vair...gosh, it gets complicated!  :-)  In the end, these cars are back on the road with happy and often NEW Corvair enthusiasts.
1961 Lakewood Wagon.   80hp 3 speed stick.  This car went to Kay and they rebuilt an engine and helped it to be a LOT peppier
A sad day when this beautiful car left the drive.   But John found the blue 67 and the saying goes:  You can't keep them ALL!
Hal and Shirley enjoyed this car.  After Hal passed, dear friends Jami and Rob Schield owned this car until Rob's untimely death in 2020.  This car has returned home and is part of the forever collection

Matt, from Canada drives off in his first Corvair!   
 The car has a great home and a great Corvair Family "up North"    Happy Trails, Stinger Clone
Mike Hall picked up the Greenbrier out of the East Coast collection.   nicely restored, this is an exceptional '65 that happens to compliment his favorite tractor brand, Allis Chalmers.
Mike Hall also grabbed this great 62 monza wagon from Dan's collection.  It'll need a makeover, but not far from being a really show worthy Monza wagon.  They are fairly rare, so good to see it in the hands of one of those guys on the CORSA board of Directors!  
Nick picked up this very nice 61 Lakewood. 
 Nicely restored to stock condition, it's another from the East Coast collection.  We've been so fortunate to get to help a great
collector find homes for these great cars.

A sweet little 63 convertible found for my good friend Susan  102 PG this little car is happy to be back on the road after years in storage.
1964 110 Power Glide automatic. This was John & Matt's father son project several years back.   Great little car! 
Indiana is the new home for this sweet little 64.
 Larry and his wife had a car like this back in the day 

James arrived to look at the car below and fell in love with the '66 4 door.   A rust free, solid little car   95 hp Power Glide, one of the
nicest 4 doors on the road.   Happy Trails Frau Blucar!

Zach, a new Corvair owner, is enjoying his new ride, the
 little 64 Business Coupe that had been John's work car. 
1964 Corvan.  110hp automatic. 
Great running, and good looking 8 door Corvan
Jennifer and John of the Des Moines area are enjoying this 1965 Monza convertible.  Recently rebuilt 110, AC and systems in tip top shape, this is an exceptional cruiser.   The boys are amazed how strangers run up to them in this ride to comment how sweet it is.
In a time capsule for 25 years, this 62 Monza 900 is back
on the road sporting some Diamond Back whitewall radials. 
 Ron of Pleasant Hill can be seen cruising the area in STYLE!

1965 Monza 110 Power Glide  An absolutely gorgeous ride. This car is being enjoyed by a new Corvair Enthusiast!  Happy Trails!
 A 1965 Monza, telescoping steering column, 'wood' wheel, quick steering and an original 50K car.  Being enjoyed by Robert who has always wanted a convertible and absolutely LOVES this ride!
 A  1962 900 Convertible  102 hp 4 speed.  Beautiful condition 
found for Lisa who is in "heaven" driving it!  
 A  1966 Monza 140hp 4 speed.  Wonderful 'barn find'  Painted and parked 15 yrs ago, mechanic told the owner the engine was bad.  This beauty has a great home in Charleston
 A sweet little 65 Monza 110 PG.   Has a great home with Matt Herda of the Chicago area. Matt & his dad Rick plan to take this wonderful car and do all the improvements and show it at convention.  
Probably the sweetest 1960 in the country.
1964 700 95hp 3 speed.  Donor car used to repair a friend's convertible.  Engine went into our 1966 4 door

1965 110 automatic. unrestored, original IA car.

Burt N.  long time Corvair collector absolutely LOVES this car.

1965 110 automatic.

 Very reliable car.  Went to Denver

1968 Monza 110 Automatic   Lior B., Israel
1964 Rampside pickup 110 stick   Last year produced.

1965 Monza 140hp 4 speed.  The second car we purchased together...the budding beginning to JTVairs.  Nice little car, needed tuning and a long road trip.  We gave it that, for sure and more.  Sold it and thought, "hmm, there might be something to rescuing Corvairs."
 1963 one owner 30K miles car.  Found for Teresa's aunt Vera and cousin Don.   All original, owned by ICE member Bob Henderson
1963 Corvair 900.   Great 102 engine. 
Now being enjoyed by Cinnamon, of Des Moines.  Don't EVEN try to catch her.   This is a wildly fast car!
 1968 Monza 500 110 automatic black on black   

  1965 Monza 140hp 4 speed.  Red & White custom interior  Went to Jerry Wells in SC
1965 Corsa AC, rear defroster.  Adopted out to Dan R of Des Moines.   Rare '65 AC Corsa Dash, this will be a nice car after some renovations.   We're pleased for Dan to have it.
 above, 1969 95hp 3 speed stick  below, 1967 project car
found for friends Brian & Becky of Ely, IA

 1960 Edsel Ranger Found in Albia, found for Corvair Dan of Baltimore.  He and daughters flew in and drove Edna home in a summer road trip July of 2009
  1959 Edsel Villager Wagon. Saved from the crusher,
 it found a new home in Rolling Hills, CA. 

 1993 Harley   Sad to see this one go :-(    wonderful couple from Farley, IA  they keep in touch with us.    The Harley went to Farley!