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  1967 Monza 110 pg a TRUE 27000 mile car!   A one family car until we purchased it in December of 2012.     Runs and drives like a new Corvair.   Interior is all original and in great condition. 
January of 2022 The car has 45000 miles.  Still a great running car.
The car was faded from age, there was some old body work that needed to be corrected.  So off to the shop where it came out the nicest shade of blue!   It's a Monza...in a world where so many people want a Corsa, manual transmission or a bigger engine.  We have a real love for these smooth running, reliable Monzas.  And yet, we find them very quick on those curvy roads we love to drive.
 This car, at shows will get as much attention as the
nicest Corsa or convertible.  Deservedly so!