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  Purchased this car in 2013 in Oklahoma.  It had belonged to some Iowa Club members who sold it into Arkansas, then it went to OK where we found it.   I was looking for a power top.  My beloved Monza had a manual top, very difficult to put up by myself.
White, with white top and black and white interior, it was on the boring side.  A 140hp car, it was a 3 speed.  Unusual, but if you didn't spend the extra $50, this is what came with the Corsa package unless you paid the extra for a 4 speed.   Interesting.
A clean slate for whatever color, it was agony selecting what to put on the car.  The day before the paint went on, I still wasn't sure. 
Chevy did not put Tropic Turquoise with a white interior.  We thought it would be striking and it sure is.  We did a reveal video
and didn't tell anyone what color we had chosen.  What fun.  
We rocked this car out in record time, for us.  About 6 weeks from
start to finish...or almost finished..the new top was installed
a couple months after the car was finished.
First trip was from Iowa to Helen GA for Springfest. 
70mph 24.5 mpg, the car drove like a dream. 
In 2017, we sold this car to a sweet couple from Branson.
I regretted it almost immediately.  2 years later, they approached us
to help them sell it.  I jumped at the chance to have it back.
We had an engine, transmission and differential built for the red Corsa convertible.  While friend Greg King was here, we made the decision to give THIS car the new drive train.  The one in the red car is ok for now.
Welcome home, Corsa Baby!