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1969 Ultra Van  The last one produced with a Corvair Drive train.
140hp powerglide automatic
From the estate of Albert Ramsey of Cooksville TN
Albert lovingly restored the UV in 1999-2000  He selected the paint and stripe that flatter the van so well.  A long time Corvair guy, we call
ourselves blessed to have purchased his 'baby'.  We shopped for about 7 years, made a run at purchasing a few of them, but the deals
always went to others.  It has all worked for the best because we
really love #509.  It's been perfect for us.
We drove it 525 miles home, only having to rebuild the carburetors in the motel parking lot.  Help from local guys got us the parts we needed and the trip was uneventful-outside of getting used to driving a whale in rain, wind and over narrow bridges--YIKES!
Since, we've added the Houghton heat pump AC/heat unit.  It works extremely well and is very quiet.  We added 4 LFP batteries and inverter in place of using a generator.  We can get several hours of AC down
the road before we have to charge.  We're pleased with the system.
We tinted the windows and worked over the interior by removing the table and swivel chairs.  Albert had saved the original table that
fits in between driver and passenger seat.  We are delighted
although he never used it that he saved it!
We had a sofa installed with storage beneath.  The cushion can be removed, making the sofa a nice sized sleeping area. 
Made new window treatments, recovered the mattresses and put new carpeting throughout.  The bathroom has been stripped of the old, flaking paint and we'll either polish it for an airline bathroom look, or I'll repaint it in the off white as it would have been when new.
"More smiles to the mile"  We've been told for years how pleasant the UV is to drive and boy, everyone is right.  It sifts down the road in style, with the windows open, we mostly don't need AC.  Currently getting about 18mpg, it's a neat driving experience. 
Comfort:  We have been vintage camper enthusiasts.  Our former RV was a 1975 GMC motorhome.  We have been surprised that at 22',
4' shorter than the GMC, we feel we have a lot more room. 
Especially sleeping room!  #509 attended the UV Rally at Springfield IL summer of 2021 and the mini convention.  We have cruised and showed it at multiple shows in our area with scores of vintage enthusiasts happy to get to see, and tour an Ultra Van.  Spreading the word about Corvairs and now Ultra Vans is what we do.