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The cars listed here on the home page
are all the ones currently in the collection.
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 Welcome to the affordable vintage car. 
Almost 2 million were made, gas mileage is good.
 They drive and handle like no other vintage car: 
Unibody construction,lightweight aluminum engine. 
Many features in today's autos came from the technology
 developed in the 10 years Chevy produced Corvairs.
 The only car proven safe on US highways in a court of law.
All Electric car?  See the link below to Electrovair II.
Electrovair II
 Jay Leno's Garage
1963 Corvair 95 Rampside Truck  110hp 4 speed 3.55
Purchased from a gentleman in Arkansas, it was originally a black deluxe truck.   John had the idea he wanted the stripe a color between silver and gold.   2000 Corvette Pewter is the color.  He carried the same color inside the cab for a beautiful look overall.   The original 80hp engine was replaced with a totally rebuilt 110hp engine.  4 speed transmission and 3.55 differential were also rebuilt.   The wheels and tires really complete the entire look for what we think is the NICEST rampside we've ever done.
1961 Rampside 110hp powerglide automatic
Corvair rescue, that's what it's about. 
We don't do nearly as many or total restorations as we used to. 
However, this sad little truck has sat unfinished for so long,
it deserved a makeover and WOW did it turn out great. 
The truck sports a newly rebuilt 110hp engine to go with the late model
powerglide transmission and differential. 
 Plenty of get up and go for those scenic road trips we enjoy. 
Check to the left to see the truck's transformation!

1964 Greenbrier van    110hp 4 speed
   We picked up this Texas van in February of 2022.  Where it wasn't rusty, it carried a lot of Texas red dust/sand and had bumps and scrapes it had collected along the way.  The engine was tired so we had the drive train completely rebuilt.  We scored a spot in the body shop, kicked it in high gear, and are amazed at how much work the vans are VS the trucks! 
   We were so pleased with the dark glass we had put into the trucks that we had all new glass, including windshield installed.  
   2023 will have us sporting 2 FCs in the same colors.  The 61 rampside has turned out to be such a crowd pleaser, we love the color so much that we took the stock turquoise color and popped it up for the van.   
1966 Corsa convertible 140hp 4 speed 3.55 gear.   Restored in 2014, this car is still solid with a few rock chips to show for all the happy miles.   Rebuilt an engine 30 over, 270 cam and all new pistons, bearings and associated parts.  Tom Knoblouch built the heads so we'll have many miles without worry of dropped seats.  
  "Old Reliable" this is the car that anytime you hop in, you'll get where you're going in style!  

1962 Monza wagon  84hp power glide automatic.
ONLY 2362 were produced for the first half of 1962, Chevy discontinued the Corvair wagon half way through the year.  
Originally had the cloth bench seat, we replaced it with
 bucket seats.  The black 1962 reproduction vinyl from 
Clark's Corvairs is highlighted with stainless buttons.  
We're very pleased with the outcome.

1967 Monza 110hp powerglide
This beautiful car came to us in 2012 with 27k miles. 
Bought new by a lady who loved her car, she left it to a grandson
who was only 13.  Her brother kept the car until the grandson was older,
the grandson snubbed the car and put it on Craigslist.
We had it repainted in 2014.  The enamel paint had faded and
there were a few flaws that we just couldn't leave on a car this nice.
1965 Monza Sport Sedan SS. 110hp 4 speed
This 4 door hardtop is a 'rebound' car back to the collection.  A tribute car, it won't be leaving again.   February of 2012, we purchased this car from Tom Sauter of Murphy TX.  Hal Turngren of Illinois got his eye on it and HAD to have it.  When Hal passed, it went up for sale and Jami Schield of Belleville purchased it for her husband Rob as a surprise.
Rob found one of our cards in the car and called John. 
A deep friendship developed and we were heartbroken on
Labor Day 2020 when Rob was killed in an accident.  
He was a 'one of a kind' friend and will never be forgotten
    #wwrd  what would Rob do  #staglife  *Not for sale, ever
What is it?   Why is it on a Corvair page?   It's a Whale
1969 140hp powerglide, the Corvair Ultra Van is a unique beast.  

#509 is the last Ultra Van assembled to have a Corvair drive train.  
With the Corvair discontinued in 1969, the folks in Hutchison KS
would have to come up with other options to keep their unique RV
on the road. There was limited success and the Ultra Vans
stopped production in 1970. 
There are currently believed to have been 376 Ultra Vans built:

320 were equipped with Corvair engines (1-11, 201-509)
49 were equipped with 307 cid Chevy V8 engines (510-556, 558-559)
1 was equipped with a 455 cid Olds V8 engine (TU-100)
3 were equipped with 350 cid Olds V8 engines (601, 603, 604)
1 was equipped with a 1.6 liter Chevette inline-4 engine (700)
2 were unpowered (602, 605)

Weighing in at about 3500 lbs, they can get between 15-20mpg
Corvair Ultra Van 
1964 Deluxe Greenbrier:   A sad little rescue that needed everything!  Discovered this one with friend John from Webb City.  The guys had fun with it.  Another one saved from the scrappers  The drive train that we had for another project was perfect for this one.  
Unsure as to how we want to finish it up.   Teresa would like to do a mock patina finish she saw from a vendor a couple years ago.  Do the seats in Indian blankets, dark tint the windows and some funky wheels.     
  Don't know yet what we'll do.  
We didn't really need another van, but here we go again!
   110hp 4 speed
1963 coupe AKA "Rusty"
In the category YARD ART, it's here
for the enjoyment of the tourists and locals. 
It is amazing how many times this car has been
photographed in the past 8 years! 
We don't leave our good Corvairs outside, so it's fun to have
one that is available for those tourist "kodak moments"