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John & Teresa Miller have a 'thing' for Corvairs.
 Welcome to the affordable vintage car. 
Almost 2 million were made, gas mileage is good.
 They drive and handle like no other vintage car: 
Unibody construction,lightweight aluminum engine. 
Many features in today's autos came from the technology
 developed in the 10 years Chevy produced Corvairs.
 The only car proven safe on US highways in a court of law.
All Electric car?  Corvair did it better than Volt 50 yrs ago.
Electrovair II
 Jay Leno's Garage
New Rescue:  Oct 2019
   1965 Corsa Convertible  Evening Orchid-a 1 year color
              The engine is getting a rebuild after a piston broke on one of the test drives.  That's the way it goes with rescues.  They sit for years, come without complete history and they're between 50 and 60 years old now.
Things will happen.  That's the name of the game.
The undercarriage and the rest of the car are simply beautiful
Look who is back in the collection?  Yes, the gorgeous 1966 Corsa convertible that we restored in February 2014 has found its way home. 
Delighted to have it back.
In fact, so delighted that we put the drive train that we built for the red 66 Corsa convertible in this car.  Fully rebuilt 4 speed transmission and 355 differential, it has lots of get up and go.  30 over, 270 cam, everything is new.  Tom Knoblauch heads insure that it breathes well and a dropped valve seat is not in the car's future.  On the maiden trips, it's getting between 19 and 20 mpg in the hills and twisty roads of MO and AR.
Check the car's page to the left to see some of the car's history 
Birmingham is the former home for this 1966 Corsa.  140hp 4 speed, power top.  It hadn't been on the road for 12 or more years, the previous owner had it for 25.  Originally black, it's made the transformation to red.
Some fine details are being finished,
but it's been so fun to get this one out on the road.

New Rescue October 2019
1967 Monza convertible.  Power top, 110hp powerglide automatic 
 Needed brakes and all the usual start up maintenance.
A sweet car from the moment it was encouraged to start, it fired right up
Sports the original color combination of black and gold with a black top that looks like it had never been put down before.   The boot is a little toasty, but it fits nicely.   The interior has had some patching.
It'll have some new seat vinyl and carpet sometime in the future. 
In the meantime, it'll be a nice one to cruise!
Brand new tires and some wire wheels made this car drive like a DREAM.
the tires we took off actually were so old,
they had wires sticking out of them.  YIKES!
1967 Monza 110hp power glide automatic.   This Marina blue coupe came to us from Omaha NE with 27K miles on it in December of 2012.  2018, we turned 38K miles and it's still a joy to drive.   John has changed items only when absolutely necessary.  Amazing, the car still had the original exhaust, including the muffler which we  just changed in 2018!

This is our "retirement" Corvair.  When we're too old to drive all the others, this is the one we'll take out cruising... 
1962 Monza wagon  84hp power glide automatic.
ONLY 2362 were produced for the first half of 1962, Chevy discontinued the Corvair wagon half way through the year.  
Originally had the cloth bench seat, we replaced it with
 bucket seats.  The black 1962 reproduction vinyl from 
Clark's Corvairs is highlighted with stainless buttons.  
We're very pleased with the outcome.
 Heated seats, new stereo and the new wheels & tires, this baby IS on the road after more than 20 years in storage. 

1960 Monza sedan 80 hp power glide automatic. Basically the car from the first year brochure.  This is a nice older restoration. 
The previous owner loved using NOS parts and it shows.  Down to the reproduction bias ply tires and original style roof rack. The engine was rebuilt, has about 3000 miles, purrs like a kitten.
The 60 went to the Corvair museum in 2019.  If you visit, make sure you go by and see "the princess"
1963 Corvair 95 Rampside truck. Feb 2020, new rescue
Mostly unmolested..someone took a spray can and decided to cover some of the patina.  It might come off.
   All original, deluxe, it's in need of the 'works'  The plan is to do just that.  Drive train first, then off for body and paint hopefully in 2020.  Stay tuned
1963 Rampside truck 80hp, 3 speed stick
March of 2019 had us on the road to pick up a rampside that we first
saw on our honeymoon trip in 2012.  We'll shorten the story by saying
that we reconnected with the owner and decided it was time to
bring this one home.  September of 2019, John has it up and
running, short trips so far.  More tinkering and all new brakes
are on the "do" list for this handsome truck.
Plans are to put a 95hp powerglide in it for a time. 
1963 Rampside 80hp 3 speed 
Originally a line truck for Phillips 66 in Oklahoma. 
The body was in better shape than most and the drive
train is the original 80hp 3 speed.  Runs and drives well. 
A deluxe truck, it was ordered with painted bumpers.

John felt this truck should return to the original configuration per the data tag.  Where we appreciate all restorations, sometimes it's appropriate to put the truck back to the colors it was 'born' with. 
1966 500  95hp power glide 
 Nice paint job, it'll make a great driver or 
project car...an engine switch is in its future.

NOT a corvair, we know.  The 1975 GMC Eleganza II motorhome will become our home away from home, our Corvair transport vehicle and fits right into our 'groove' for classic vehicles.   A direct descendant of the Corvair Ultra Van, the GMC sports a lot more power, a lot more space and there is a dynamic 'cult' following.   GMCMI is an international organization so dedicated that they Rally twice a year.  Built from 1973 to 1978, we're excited to have the coach in the collection.    
1963 coupe AKA "Rusty"
In the category YARD ART, it's here
for the enjoyment of the tourists and locals. 
It is amazing how many times this car has been
photographed in the past four years! 
We don't leave our good Corvairs outside, so it's fun to have
one that is available for those tourist "kodak moments"