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1963 Corvair 95 Rampside truck
This one started as a line truck for Phillips 66 in Oklahoma.  Grove OK is where we found this truck...or as we say, the truck found us.
A fellow that drives by that area stopped here and told us about the truck and we connected.  Sitting under a car port, it was one of those, "oh, I'll get around to it" projects.  He never did. 
John had a vision for how it should look.   We aren't purists, always striving to put them back the way they were "born".  But in this case, that's just what he thought should happen.  Most people disagreed, thinking the white would be boring.  It's anything but boring! 
"Real Men" drive trucks with white walls! 
He found a 1965 FC engine and had it totally built.  Freshly built 4 speed transmission and differential set up for the type of driving he wants to do, this truck is ready for any trip.  It's a joy to drive.
Many offers to buy it, thanks, we plan for John to enjoy it for a good long time before we consider parting with it!