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This is where it starts, friends.  California was the original home for this
deluxe Corvair Rampside pickup.   Arkansas is where we found it. 
It hadn't been worked on much, still has all of its original parts and no previous body work outside of some spray can touch ups.
Very solid, it's a great candidate for a makeover.  Considered painting it the original color, John's vision was to do the stripe and the
interior in something "between silver and gold"   A Corvette color
was perfect and close to what a deluxe interior would have been.
2022 was the year and spring 2023 has us putting miles on it!
The engine was locked up, but luck would have it, we have a good running 1963 80hp FC engine.  A newly rebuilt 4 speed transmission and differential are in place.  It is one of the smoothest shifting and running trucks that we've ever had.  Looking forward to showing
it in 2023 and beyond.