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1961 Corvair Rampside truck
Original drive train was an 80hp powerglide automatic
Buffalo, MO was the long time home for this truck that just
never got there.  The fellow that bought it had hopes of getting
it restored, but aged out before that could happen.
Selling his business, they needed to clear out the building...
That's how we found this one.   Always looking at trucks,
we decided to take a look at this one.  Found it to be FAR nicer
than it looks at first glance.  All the regular rust areas were quite solid with just some perforations in the common sheet metal on the sides.  An easy fix for our guy.
  Neptune Green was the original color.  We're taking a little liberty with the color, using colors that we saw on a Ford pickup at the
Nevada car show this summer.
   The engine was locked tight...but no worries, we have a really nice, rebuilt 110hp car engine that we'll install.  Has a little extra cam and some other goodies to make it zippy and reliable. 
June 2021, it's ready for some road trips.