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  1966 is rumored to be "the" year for the Corsa.  Personally, we've had both 1965 and 1966 and feel they are both great.  I love the stainless trim buttons on the seats and door panels.  The white vinyl with black trim is also a favorite interior for those who watch the cars that we turn out.  Seem to be popular with others, as soon as we get one built, we have requests to sell it.   Well, this one is going to be built from front to back with a beefed up engine reminiscent of our Corsa racer.  Not quite as built out, I'll select having a heater over headers, but John has his way of making them sound awesome without headers. 
This car came out of Alabama with some bad, old body work.  She's all clean and sports a custom red that we call, "retina burning red".