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1961 Rampside truck 110hp FC engine 4 speed
   Replacement or "t" code block, a 1966 FC replacement engine.
 Strong engine, we don't feel like it has all that many miles on it.  Although we don't have any documentation.  The owner was diagnosed with alzheimers, sadly.   Brand new clutch/pressure plate, it shifts smooth and tight.   The body was in good shape, had some dings and dents, but surprisingly rust free.  The undercarriage is in beautiful condition.  It appears the previous owner did some work in years past.  Nice job!  The stance is nice and the tires are new. 
We finished it up in December of 2021 and enjoyed driving it.  We hadn't spent a lot of time behind the wheel, not having it all that long before it went to the body shop.   Let the fun begin.  Glad we aren't in a huge hurry to sell it.  Anything that might not be right with the drive train or other systems will come to the surface and get worked out by spring.
When we put it up for sale, watch for an ad at Shade's Classic Corvairs or on FB Marketplace.