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Patience, that is what we should name this car.  2009 is the first time I saw it and I wanted it then. (Teresa) The owner had a collection and kept thinking it was one he would get running and drive.   Nope, didn't happen.  Year after year, I would give him a call and ask, "This year?"
  He passed and we've been working with his son for a couple of years and I'm thrilled to say we finally have this nice little 67 AC car.   
It matches John's 67 low mile coupe.   What fun it'll be to drive the set to car shows...and how nice it'll be to have an AC Corvair.
Of course, on a rescue like this, it hasn't run since the 80s, that we know of.   It may need a lot, it may need just a little.  Only time will tell.
July 2021